Many settings pages have very little error checking. You can easily alter a setting which will result in a non-functional system, and short of restoring the database from a backup, there is no way to undo your changes.
Edit settings for:
  • JumpPoints are globally active. If you set a keybinding for a JumpPoint that is the same as one defined in the Keybindings section, the JumpPoint will override the keybinding.
  • You probably want to use function keys or keys combined with a modifier (alt, control) for JumpPoints, otherwise you may run into some problems.
  • Changes to keybindings/jumppoints requires a restart of the affected mythfrontend for now. This may change in a future release.
Reload Theme
Main Menu
Program Guide
Program Finder
Manage Recordings / Fix Conflicts
Manage Recording Rules
Channel Recording Priorities
TV Recording Playback
Live TV
Status Screen
Previously Recorded
Standby Mode
Video Default The Video Default View
Video Manager The Video Manager
Video Browser The Video Browser
Video Listings The Video Listings
Video Gallery The Video Gallery
Play Disc Play an Optical Disc
Gallery Default Image Gallery
Toggle Show Widget Borders
Toggle Show Widget Names
Reset All Keys Reset all keys to defaults

Global 0 0
Global 1 1
Global 2 2
Global 3 3
Global 4 4
Global 5 5
Global 6 6
Global 7 7
Global 8 8
Global 9 9
Global BACKSPACE Backspace
Global COPY Copy text from textedit
Global CUT Cut text from textedit
Global DELETE Delete
Global DOWN Down Arrow
Global EDIT Edit
Global EJECT Eject Removable Media
Global ESCAPE Escape
Global HANDLEMEDIA Play a media resource
Global HELP Help
Global INFO More information
Global LEFT Left Arrow
Global MENU Pop-up menu
Global NEWLINE Insert newline into textedit
Global NEXT Move to next widget
Global NEXTVIEW Next View
Global PAGEBOTTOM Page to bottom of list
Global PAGEDOWN Page Down
Global PAGEMIDDLE Page to middle of list
Global PAGETOP Page to top of list
Global PAGEUP Page Up
Global PASTE Paste text into textedit
Global PREVIOUS Move to preview widget
Global PREVVIEW Previous View
Global REDO Redo
Global RIGHT Right Arrow
Global SCREENSHOT Save screenshot
Global SEARCH Show incremental search dialog
Global SELECT Select
Global SYSEVENT01 Trigger System Key Event #1
Global SYSEVENT02 Trigger System Key Event #2
Global SYSEVENT03 Trigger System Key Event #3
Global SYSEVENT04 Trigger System Key Event #4
Global SYSEVENT05 Trigger System Key Event #5
Global SYSEVENT06 Trigger System Key Event #6
Global SYSEVENT07 Trigger System Key Event #7
Global SYSEVENT08 Trigger System Key Event #8
Global SYSEVENT09 Trigger System Key Event #9
Global SYSEVENT10 Trigger System Key Event #10
Global TVPOWEROFF Turn the display off
Global TVPOWERON Turn the display on
Global UNDO Undo
Global UP Up Arrow
Browser FOLLOWLINK Follow selected link
Browser HISTORYBACK Go back to previous page
Browser HISTORYFORWARD Go forward to previous page
Browser MOUSEDOWN Move mouse pointer down
Browser MOUSELEFT Move mouse pointer left
Browser MOUSELEFTBUTTON Mouse Left button click
Browser MOUSERIGHT Move mouse pointer right
Browser MOUSEUP Move mouse pointer up
Browser NEXTLINK Move selection to next link
Browser PAGEDOWN Scroll down half a page
Browser PAGELEFT Scroll left half a page
Browser PAGERIGHT Scroll right half a page
Browser PAGEUP Scroll up half a page
Browser PREVIOUSLINK Move selection to previous link
Browser TOGGLEINPUT Toggle where keyboard input goes to
Browser ZOOMIN Zoom in on browser window
Browser ZOOMOUT Zoom out on browser window
Images COVER Set or clear cover image
Images FLIPHORIZONTAL Flip image horizontally
Images FLIPVERTICAL Flip image vertically
Images FULLSIZE Full-size (un-zoom) image
Images MARK Mark image
Images PLAY Start/Stop Slideshow
Images RECENTER Recenter image
Images RECURSIVESHOW Start Recursive Slideshow
Images ROTLEFT Rotate image left 90 degrees
Images ROTRIGHT Rotate image right 90 degrees
Images SCROLLDOWN Scroll image down
Images SCROLLLEFT Scroll image left
Images SCROLLRIGHT Scroll image right
Images SCROLLUP Scroll image up
Images ZOOMIN Zoom image in
Images ZOOMOUT Zoom image out
Long Press LONGPRESS1 Up to 16 Keys that allow Long Press
Long Press LONGPRESS2 Up to 16 Keys that allow Long Press
Long Press LONGPRESS3 Up to 16 Keys that allow Long Press
Long Press LONGPRESS4 Up to 16 Keys that allow Long Press
Main Menu EXIT System Exit
Main Menu EXITPROMPT Display System Exit Prompt
Main Menu STANDBYMODE Enter Standby Mode
Teletext Menu MENUBLUE Menu Blue
Teletext Menu MENUGREEN Menu Green
Teletext Menu MENURED Menu Red
Teletext Menu MENUWHITE Menu White
Teletext Menu MENUYELLOW Menu Yellow
Teletext Menu NEXTPAGE Next Page
Teletext Menu NEXTSUBPAGE Next Subpage
Teletext Menu PREVPAGE Previous Page
Teletext Menu PREVSUBPAGE Previous Subpage
Teletext Menu REVEAL Reveal hidden Text
Teletext Menu TOGGLEBACKGROUND Toggle Background
Teletext Menu TOGGLETT Toggle Teletext
TV Editing BIGJUMPFWD Jump forward 10x the normal amount
TV Editing BIGJUMPREW Jump back 10x the normal amount
TV Editing CLEARMAP Clear editing cut points
TV Editing INVERTMAP Invert Begin/End cut points
TV Editing LOADCOMMSKIP Load cuts from detected commercials
TV Editing MENUCOMPACT Cut point editor compact menu
TV Editing NEXTCUT Jump to the next cut point
TV Editing PREVCUT Jump to the previous cut point
TV Editing SAVEMAP Save cuts
TV Frontend CHANGEGROUPVIEW Change Group View
TV Frontend CHANGERECGROUP Change Recording Group
TV Frontend CHANNELSEARCH Show the Channel Search
TV Frontend CHANUPDATE Switch channels without exiting guide in Live TV mode.
TV Frontend CUSTOMEDIT Edit Custom Record Rule
TV Frontend CYCLEAUDIOCHAN Cycle audio channels
TV Frontend DAYLEFT Page the program guide back one day
TV Frontend DAYRIGHT Page the program guide forward one day
TV Frontend DETAILS Show details
TV Frontend FINDER Show the Program Finder
TV Frontend GUIDE Show the Program Guide
TV Frontend LISTRECORDEDEPISODES List recorded episodes
TV Frontend MUTE Mute
TV Frontend NEXTFAV Cycle through channel groups and all channels in the program guide.
TV Frontend PAGELEFT Page the program guide left
TV Frontend PAGERIGHT Page the program guide right
TV Frontend PLAYBACK Play Program
TV Frontend PREVRECORDED List previously recorded episodes
TV Frontend RANKDEC Decrease program or channel rank
TV Frontend RANKINC Increase program or channel rank
TV Frontend STOPPLAYBACK Stop Program
TV Frontend TOGGLEEPGORDER Reverse the channel order in the program guide
TV Frontend TOGGLEFAV Toggle the current channel as a favorite
TV Frontend TOGGLERECORD Toggle recording status of current program
TV Frontend UPCOMING List upcoming episodes
TV Frontend VIEWINPUT Switch Recording Input view
TV Frontend VIEWSCHEDULED List scheduled upcoming episodes
TV Frontend VOLUMEDOWN Volume down
TV Frontend VOLUMEUP Volume up
TV Playback 3DNONE No 3D
TV Playback 3DSIDEBYSIDE 3D Side by Side
TV Playback 3DSIDEBYSIDEDISCARD Discard 3D Side by Side
TV Playback 3DTOPANDBOTTOM 3D Top and Bottom
TV Playback 3DTOPANDBOTTOMDISCARD Discard 3D Top and Bottom
TV Playback ADJUSTSTRETCH Turn on time stretch control
TV Playback ARBSEEK Arbitrary Seek
TV Playback BACK Exit or return to DVD menu
TV Playback BOTTOMLINEMOVE Move BottomLine off screen
TV Playback BOTTOMLINESAVE Save manual zoom for BottomLine
TV Playback CHANNELDOWN Channel down
TV Playback CHANNELUP Channel up
TV Playback CLEAROSD Clear OSD
TV Playback CREATEPBPVIEW Create Picture-by-Picture view
TV Playback CREATEPIPVIEW Create Picture-in-Picture view
TV Playback CYCLEAUDIOCHAN Cycle audio channels
TV Playback CYCLECOMMSKIPMODE Cycle Commercial Skip mode
TV Playback DEBUGOSD Toggle OSD playback information
TV Playback DISABLEEXTTEXT Disable External Subtitles
TV Playback DISABLEFORCEDSUBS Disable Forced Subtitles
TV Playback DISABLESUBS Disable any captions
TV Playback ENABLEEXTTEXT Enable External Subtitles
TV Playback ENABLEFORCEDSUBS Enable Forced Subtitles
TV Playback ENABLESUBS Enable any captions
TV Playback EXITSHOWNOPROMPTS Exit Show without any prompts
TV Playback FFWDSTICKY Fast Forward (Sticky) or Forward one second while paused
TV Playback FINDER Show the Program Finder
TV Playback GUIDE Show the Program Guide
TV Playback INFOWITHCUTLIST Info utilizing cutlist
TV Playback JUMPBKMRK Jump to bookmark
TV Playback JUMPFFWD Jump ahead
TV Playback JUMPPREV Jump to previously played recording
TV Playback JUMPREC Display menu of recorded programs to jump to
TV Playback JUMPRWND Jump back
TV Playback JUMPSTART Jump to the start of the recording.
TV Playback JUMPTOCHAPTER Jump to a chapter
TV Playback JUMPTODVDCHAPTERMENU Jump to the DVD Chapter Menu
TV Playback JUMPTODVDROOTMENU Jump to the DVD Root Menu
TV Playback JUMPTODVDTITLEMENU Jump to the DVD Title Menu
TV Playback JUMPTOPOPUPMENU Jump to the Popup Menu
TV Playback JUMPTOTITLE Switch title
TV Playback MENUBLUE Menu Blue
TV Playback MENUCOMPACT Playback Compact Menu
TV Playback MENUEPG Menu EPG
TV Playback MENUGREEN Menu Green
TV Playback MENURED Menu Red
TV Playback MENUTEXT Menu Text
TV Playback MENUYELLOW Menu Yellow
TV Playback MUTE Mute
TV Playback NEXTAUDIO Next audio track
TV Playback NEXTCARD Next Card
TV Playback NEXTCC Next of any captions
TV Playback NEXTCC608 Next VBI CC track
TV Playback NEXTCC708 Next ATSC CC track
TV Playback NEXTFAV Switch to the next favorite channel
TV Playback NEXTINPUT Next Input
TV Playback NEXTPIPWINDOW Toggle active PIP/PBP window
TV Playback NEXTRAWTEXT Next Text track
TV Playback NEXTSCAN Next video scan overidemode
TV Playback NEXTSOURCE Next Video Source
TV Playback NEXTSUBTITLE Next subtitle track
TV Playback OSDNAVIGATION OSD Navigation
TV Playback PAUSE Pause
TV Playback PLAY Play
TV Playback PREVAUDIO Previous audio track
TV Playback PREVCC608 Previous VBI CC track
TV Playback PREVCC708 Previous ATSC CC track
TV Playback PREVCHAN Switch to the previous channel
TV Playback PREVRAWTEXT Previous Text track
TV Playback PREVRECORDED Display previously recorded episodes
TV Playback PREVSOURCE Previous Video Source
TV Playback PREVSUBTITLE Previous subtitle track
TV Playback QUEUETRANSCODE Queue the current recording for transcoding
TV Playback RWNDSTICKY Rewind (Sticky) or Rewind one second while paused
TV Playback SEEKABSOLUTE Seek to a position in seconds
TV Playback SEEKFFWD Fast Forward
TV Playback SEEKRWND Rewind
TV Playback SELECTAUDIO_0 Play audio track 1
TV Playback SELECTAUDIO_1 Play audio track 2
TV Playback SELECTCC608_0 Display VBI CC1
TV Playback SELECTCC608_1 Display VBI CC2
TV Playback SELECTCC608_2 Display VBI CC3
TV Playback SELECTCC608_3 Display VBI CC4
TV Playback SELECTCC708_0 Display ATSC CC1
TV Playback SELECTCC708_1 Display ATSC CC2
TV Playback SELECTCC708_2 Display ATSC CC3
TV Playback SELECTCC708_3 Display ATSC CC4
TV Playback SELECTRAWTEXT_0 Display Text Subtitle 1
TV Playback SELECTSUBTITLE_0 Display subtitle 1
TV Playback SELECTSUBTITLE_1 Display subtitle 2
TV Playback SETAUDIOSYNC Set the audio sync adjustment
TV Playback SETBOOKMARK Add Bookmark
TV Playback SETBRIGHTNESS Set the picture brightness
TV Playback SETCOLOUR Set the picture color
TV Playback SETCONTRAST Set the picture contrast
TV Playback SETHUE Set the picture hue
TV Playback SETVOLUME Set the volume
TV Playback SIGNALMON Monitor Signal Quality
TV Playback SKIPCOMMBACK Skip Commercial (Reverse)
TV Playback SKIPCOMMERCIAL Skip Commercial
TV Playback SPEEDDEC Decrease the playback speed
TV Playback SPEEDINC Increase the playback speed
TV Playback STRETCHDEC Decrease time stretch speed
TV Playback STRETCHINC Increase time stretch speed
TV Playback SWAPPIP Swap PBP/PIP Windows
TV Playback SWITCHTOANGLE Switch angle
TV Playback TEXTEXIT Menu Exit
TV Playback TOGGLEASPECT Toggle the video aspect ratio
TV Playback TOGGLEAUDIOSYNC Turn on audio sync adjustment controls
TV Playback TOGGLEBOOKMARK Toggle Bookmark
TV Playback TOGGLEBROWSE Toggle channel browse mode
TV Playback TOGGLECC Toggle any captions
TV Playback TOGGLECC608 Toggle VBI CC
TV Playback TOGGLECC708 Toggle ATSC CC
TV Playback TOGGLECHANCONTROLS Recording picture adjustments for this channel
TV Playback TOGGLEFAV Toggle the current channel as a favorite
TV Playback TOGGLEFILL Next Preconfigured Zoom mode
TV Playback TOGGLENIGHTMODE Toggle night mode
TV Playback TOGGLEPBPMODE Toggle Picture-by-Picture view
TV Playback TOGGLEPICCONTROLS Playback picture adjustments
TV Playback TOGGLEPIPMODE Toggle Picture-in-Picture view
TV Playback TOGGLEPIPSTATE Change PxP view
TV Playback TOGGLERAWTEXT Toggle Text Subtitles
TV Playback TOGGLERECCONTROLS Recording picture adjustments for this recorder
TV Playback TOGGLERECORD Toggle recording status of current program
TV Playback TOGGLESLEEP Toggle the Sleep Timer
TV Playback TOGGLESTRETCH Toggle time stretch speed
TV Playback TOGGLESUBTITLE Toggle Subtitles
TV Playback TOGGLETEXT Toggle External Subtitles
TV Playback TOGGLETTC Toggle Teletext Captions
TV Playback TOGGLETTM Toggle Teletext Menu
TV Playback TOGGLEUPMIX Toggle audio upmixer
TV Playback TOGGLEVISUALISATION Toggle audio visualisation
TV Playback VIEWSCHEDULED Display scheduled recording list
TV Playback VOLUMEDOWN Volume down
TV Playback VOLUMEUP Volume up
TV Playback ZOOMASPECTDOWN Zoom mode - decrease aspect ratio
TV Playback ZOOMASPECTUP Zoom mode - increase aspect ratio
TV Playback ZOOMCOMMIT Zoom mode - commit changes
TV Playback ZOOMDOWN Zoom mode - shift down
TV Playback ZOOMHORIZONTALIN Zoom mode - horizontal zoom in
TV Playback ZOOMHORIZONTALOUT Zoom mode - horizontal zoom out
TV Playback ZOOMIN Zoom mode - zoom in
TV Playback ZOOMLEFT Zoom mode - shift left
TV Playback ZOOMOUT Zoom mode - zoom out
TV Playback ZOOMQUIT Zoom mode - quit and abandon changes
TV Playback ZOOMRIGHT Zoom mode - shift right
TV Playback ZOOMUP Zoom mode - shift up
TV Playback ZOOMVERTICALIN Zoom mode - vertical zoom in
TV Playback ZOOMVERTICALOUT Zoom mode - vertical zoom out
Video DECPARENT Decrease Parental Level
Video DOWNLOADDATA Download metadata for current item
Video FILTER Open video filter dialog
Video INCPARENT Increase Parental Level
Video INCSEARCH Show Incremental Search Dialog
Video ITEMDETAIL Display Item Detail Popup
Video PLAYALT Play selected item in alternate player