Many settings pages have very little error checking. You can easily alter a setting which will result in a non-functional system, and short of restoring the database from a backup, there is no way to undo your changes.
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Flash video playback is currently only a proof-of-concept and should be considered EXTREMELY experimental, which is why it has been disabled by default.

It currently expects that ffmpeg is installed and compiled with mp3 support, and that the recordings files are accessible to your webserver userid. It probably won't work with Nupplevideo files, and in the end, it may just not work at all (or maybe even worse).

Enable this feature at your own risk, and don't expect too much official help until it has left the experimental phase.

Enable Video Playback:
(height is calculated automatically from the recording aspect ratio)
Video Bitrate: kbps
Audio Bitrate: kbps